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Thanks for finding your way to my new blog Points to Skinny!

My name is Emma and I’ve proudly been part of the Weight Watchers program for a month and a half now. Some people are ashamed to admit that they are ‘dieting’, but frankly embrace it! It takes a lot of courage to admit that you want to change something about yourself, either physically, mentally, emotionally or all of the above. I joined Weight Watchers, because I was becoming very unhappy about the way I felt and looked. I felt sluggish and I no longer felt confident in my own skin any more, which isn’t a good way to think or feel!

Changing the way you eat is the most important factor in healthy living, and it you can feel the difference by not putting unhealthy foods in your body as much as they taste good! Trust me, I was the girl who ate out on a regular basis and bought lunches almost everyday. None of it was healthy either, from mac and cheese to pizza to poutine whatever was the highest calorie menu item I ate it. Not only that but when I cooked at home, I thought I ate healthy but the recipes I was choosing was not always the case.

One of the biggest challenges with any diet program is monitoring what you eat and staying on track. The Weight Watchers program is so successful, because they make it easy for members to track what they eat and give you a daily and weekly points allowance. If you stay within your points allowance, you should be pointing yourself to a skinny you! However, even though the program is easy to use it’s also way too easy to slip and fall off track if you don’t plan your meals out and not everyone has the time, energy, or passion to do that.

Points to Skinny is here to help you reach your weight goal by sharing weekly meal plans with you! Every week, I will be posting my weekly meal plan for every meal of every day. Points to Skinny is going to be a place for those who struggle with thinking of what to cook on a daily and weekly basis. With this blog, I’m hoping to inspire you with easy recipes and encourage you to reach your goals!

Disclaimer: These recipes will be so easy that even your husband or wife can cook them!

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Please feel free to comment on my plans or any of the recipes used. If you have a favourite recipe and think it should be a part of a daily plan, let me know. I encourage everyone to share your stories of success, as I will post them in my page Inspiring WW Stories.